Archil mchedlidze Archil mchedlidze Managing Partner and founder of Law Practice LLC
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Archil Mchedlidze Law Practice LLC Law Firm in Tbilisi Georgia

Archil Mchedlidze - Attorney at Law

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About Archil Mchedlidze

Managing Partner and founder of Archil Mchedlidze’s Law Practice LLC. He is one of Georgia’s top legal experts with over 18 years of experience. His practice areas include Corporate and Business, Tax and Customs, Commercial, reorganization (merger and joining, division, allocation) and the liquidation of legal entities, Contracts, Immigration, Workplace Issues, Family and Inheritance, Civil and Criminal Law, IP & E-Commerce, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Bankruptcy, Foreign Investments, Licenses and Permits, Oil, Gas and Energy, Government Affairs, Litigation and Arbitration.


About Law Firm

The Firm employs 14 professional staff and Outsourcing legal, tax and business advisors in different areas of practice. Our team consists of Licensed Attorneys, Certified Property Appraisers, Expert – financiers, Business & Tax Consultants.
The executive team of our law firm consists of highly qualified and licensed Georgian lawyers. Our attorneys advise and represent clients in connection with all Georgian law matters.



Our immigration and business lawyers offer foreign investors full immigration, personal and business legal services...

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For individuals

Everyone needs a lawyer at some time in their lives. When the time comes that you need legal advice...

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For businesses

Every business needs a lawyer to advice on day to day commercial requirements, including employment, contracts...

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Company formation in Georgia


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The country Georgia is one of the easiest and best places in the world to create, found, and run a company. Whether it be an LLC/LTD, JSC and/or Branch Office, our law firm provides full business law services in Tbilisi. Not only do we ensure a smooth company formation / company registration, we can aid in business and personal bank accounts, accounting services and more. Our professional business and company lawyers, are ready to answer your questions, which may be:

  • how to start a business in Georgia?
  • how to establish a company in Georgia?
  • how to set up a company in Georgia?

In a new and exciting place, it’s best to have a team of highly-skilled and well-connected lawyers by your side when you pursue company incorporation and business registration. We’re here to help to start a company, to start a business, and to open a company.


Immigration to Georgia


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Expert English-speaking lawyers and a globally educated team will take care of all your legal service desires. You may be wondering:

  • how do I become a Georgian citizen?
  • how do I get a Georgian passport?
  • what is the best passport?

One of the best things about obtaining a Georgian citizenship is that you can do so with residency through investment in real estate and/or residency through business. We can obtain:

  • a residency permit
  • a work residence permit
  • a permanent residency
  • a temporary residence permit
  • a tax residency
  • a dual citizenship,
  • a second citizenship
  • a Georgian passport

and much more. We have all the answers; with detailed yet understandable step-by-step instructions, tailored to best fit your situation.